Utah Citizens May Get Affordable Dental Care

Utah dental careThe Southwest Utah Public Health Department is noticed in taking care of people living in the county and is helping those lead healthier lives. It takes one of the leading places among organizations that take all the measures to prevent any disease outbreak. But a lot of people living here do not notice this care. Among the services which are provided by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, you can find protective immunizations. It is one of the greatest projects which are designated for infants and the elderly.

These protective immunizations will help protect each person from unknown diseases and infections. Besides, the department is an organizer of a stop smoking program and people can get free recourses to give up smoking. Persons will also be able to get free consultations on this problem. At the same time, the Southwest Utah Public Health Department presented a new program of affordable dental services for uninsured residents.

A mobile dental clinic provides a great range of services such as extractions, cleanings, and examinations for as low as $30 per person. This project will start on April, 13. The correct location of the dental clinic is still unknown but patients will be informed when registration begins. This project is possible thanks to a team of dentists that will be working for free and the services will be available not just for adults but for kids as well.

The only condition to take part in this program is that you need to qualify for the mentioned services. Firstly, you need to be a US citizen and uninsured; your income should be limited. As a result, people will get a chance to fix all the dental problems without spending a fortune on it. The dental care services will be provided by students but supervised by experienced dentists.

When: April 13
Where: To be announced
Contacts: 435-644-2537

Photo by Milenafoto [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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