Way to Make Visits to Dentist with No Pain

less painMost people don’t like needles or getting fillings. That’s why they don’t visit the dentist regularly. There’s a new dental tool that can help keep the patients’ mind off the pain while they are inside the dental clinic.

DentalVibe is a device that looks like an electric toothbrush but it is used to vibrate the gums while the patient is being injected with novocaine. The device is designed to distract patients from the pain of the needle.

In the past, dentists usually shake the gums or apply topical anesthesia to the area. Dentists would wipe it to the gums and it is soaked by the gums in a millimeter or two but the needle goes in more than the effective range of the topical anesthesia. Dental schools teach students to shake the lip when injecting anesthesia.

On the other hand, DentalVibe is free and it distracts the patient, who will be focused on the vibration instead of the needle or pain. It makes vibrating the gums easier. The device pulses and vibrates that overloads the nerve in the gums. The message is sent to the brain but it doesn’t register any discomfort or pain signals. Researchers said that patients feel less pain when the device is used. Harvard researchers are currently studying the effect of the DentalVibe on pain from long buccal.

The DentalVibe can be used when injecting novocaine. Then the dentist can then start with the dental work, such as extraction or filling. The prick of the needle is not felt by the patient. The theory behind the device is that the body can process only a limited number of sensations at a time. When vibration is felt, then the nervous system filters the pain signals to prevent flooding the brain with too much information. The DentalVibe can filter out a single injection but not enough to ease intense pain.

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