West Augustine’s Wildflower Clinic to Provide Free Dental Days

dental clinic busyThere is another dental clinic which is engaged in providing dental care services and the name for it is West Augustine’s Wildflower Clinic. Patients state that when there is a free dental day, a lot of people come there to get the services needed but the line of people wishing to get free dental services gets longer with each year.

On these days, the clinic is busy all day long and provides dental services for people without coverage that cannot afford the cost of the services in private ones. Dentists also confirm that these free dental days are enough to meet the need and no one is left untreated. The free dental services appeared to be available thanks to numerous donations and the clinic expresses gratitude to those people and organizations that managed to provide them.

It is estimated that the clinic serves about 190 patients a month which is a great number and all the sufferers from dental pain may address for help. Besides, local officials are trying to focus on the increase of free dental services and, in association with these intentions; they managed to release the Community Health Improvement Plan that includes information on the need of people for free dental services and information provided by focus groups. Another focus of these local officials will be related to providing transportation and easy excess to other health services of the community.

Besides, there appeared to be a plan that includes activities on the realization of it in the sphere of dental care. A lot of people support the idea that this action plan needs to be developed along with the community that knows all the actual problems. There is a hope that people will be getting the proper dental health as soon as they need it and the cost of them will not be that high.

What: Free Dental Care Days

Where: West Augustine’s Wildflower Clinic

Photo by Michael Baltz [Public domain], undefined

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