When Kids to Lose Their Baby Teeth

Baby TeethOur first teeth start their developing long before we are born. Doctors notice that there are babies that may be born with one or two teeth. But, in most cases, parents should not expect any teeth in a newborn. Waiting for the first tooth may be rather problematic and bothersome. Those parents, who have kids, already know that the first tooth appears at the age of 4-6 months.

There is no particular time when an infant gets the first tooth and there are kids that may have one at the age of one month. But, there is another problem with teeth of kids. Some mothers are worried about getting the first tooth while others are worried about their child losing them rather fast. It’s a normal thing when kids start losing their teeth at the age of six or eight years. Generally speaking, kids usually lose all their baby teeth by the age of 13.

If it does not happen, a mother or a father needs to contact a pediatrician. Any parent should know that they can do nothing to make teeth disappear faster or later. All they can do is to help elevate dental pain in kids. One of the best medications to use here is Tylenol. Besides, parents can also use Benzocaine teething gels to reduce inflammation and pain. If you think that your child is losing teeth abnormally fast, you need to see a dentist that will help you define the problem.

Usually parents address dentists without any reason as losing baby teeth is a normal process to let permanent teeth appear. When you see your child is too excited about losing teeth, you need to remove this excitement and to try representing the whole procedure in a fairy tale way. The story with the tooth fairy helps so much in the process of baby teeth loss.

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